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freelance writer.
Long-Distance Runner. 
Mountain Guide. 

Blog Editor + Digital Strategist, Orion Magazine
Associate Director, Todos Santos Writing Workshop
Guide, Aspire Adventure Running + Freeflow Institute
Instructor, Wild Rockies Field Institute
Athlete Ambassador, Territory Run Co. + BeetElite
Writing, films, and photography featured in: 

  • Orion Magazine,


  • Trail Runner Magazine,

  • The Wild and Scenic Film Festival,

  • Patagonia's Podcast, The Dirtbag Diaries,

  • Best American Poetry Blog, Whitefish Review, Clackamas Review, etc.

Currently at work on first book: The Way Around, about
pilgrimage, ecology, and revolution. 








Elements Mixed Media. May 2018. "Racing with Tradition." Locations Manager. On site for a series of films highlighting Montana's tradition of indigenous bareback horse racing. 

Six Rivers Run. Spring 2017. Locations Manager/Fixer, US Leg #1. Multimedia Campaign following Mina Guli's attempt to run a marathon a day for six weeks, along six rivers around the world to raise awareness about global water crisis. 

"Shaped by Fire." Summer 2016. Co-Director, Mountain Runner. Director/Producer: Bobby Jahrig. Best Conservation Film: 2017 International Wildlife Film Festival. Official Selection: Mountain Running Film Festival. 

"The Musician." 2016. Salomon TV. Locations Assistant, Featured in film. Director/Produced: Dean Leslie (Wandering Fever) and Greg Fell (Fell and Co.) 

"The Crossing." 2014. Director, Organizer. Official Selection, Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Trail Running Film Festival, Todos Santos Film Festival, Mountain Running Film Festival. Director: Michael Hanich. 

"Cold Water: Reflections of Baja." 2015. Director, co-producer. Follow-up short for "The Crossing." 

"Discover Turkey." 2012. Co-Director for two short documentary films about high school intercultural exchange in Turkey.