Friends of Village Creek is a group of concerned citizens, scientists, business leaders, and community members joined together to maintain the ecological and social vitality of N.E. Iowa for the future.


The Issue

There are currently proposals to establish a large-scale hog farm with 13,000 pigs per year near Village Creek. This would produce nearly 6 million gallons of manure, greatly jeopardizing the health and future productive land that we as a community love so much.

We exist for the future of our beloved state of Iowa. We exist so that others can exist—with dignity and health.
— Friends of Village Creek

A Coalition for the future

Friends of Village Creek joins together a fierce coalition to speak up for this land, and share updates and information as this proposed factory hog farm is being considered. We cherish Iowa and want it to continue to flourish for posterity. Our concern is rooted in a deep affinity for this land and for the people and animals that depend on it to sustain them into the foreseeable future.